Run With Me: November and December

It’s taken me a couple of weeks to get into the adventure-swing of things, plodding along by myself and working out some kind of routine each day.  Doing this in the UK has meant that home comforts and familiarities are never too far away.  Beyond just taking advantage of all the ways this makes things easier though, I want to utilise the accessible location of this adventure to get as many other people involved as possible.  This was never meant to be something I did completely by myself and I really want to run with you – yes, you!

I’ve written below where I’ll be running to and from each week.  If you’re around that area or free any days that week, just send me an email and I can give you some more details.  One thing I can promise is that we’ll be running slowly and squeezing in plenty of snacks.  I really like snacks.

Week commencing November 16th – Rye to Worthing
Week commencing November 23rd – Worthing to Fareham
Week commencing November 30th – Fareham to Swanage
Week commencing December 7th – Swanage to Exmouth
Week commencing December 14th – Exmouth to Plymouth
Week commencing December 21st – Plymouth to TBC

This is all part of Project GOAT (Go Outdoors and Triumph).  Back in July, I took some friends out for a week of running and camping in the woods.  Will kindly made a great video for us, so take a look to hear what my friends think!

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