Happiness, both what it is and how to find it, is something I’ve always struggled with but through all of the moping, I gradually began to realise what makes me happiest.  It’s the achey feeling in your legs and the way your head hits the pillow when you’re the good kind of tired.  It’s having very little but not needing much either.  It’s days spent outdoors without looking in a mirror.  It’s the clean jumper, the good meal and the hot cup of tea after a long day.  Running the coast of Great Britain is my way of having a little more of the things that make me happy in my life and, hopefully, a little less of the things I don’t.  Because, here’s the thing:

The world needs more happy people.

I’m encouraging people to come and run with me and visiting schools and universities along the way to share my adventure.  I am also aiming to raise £25 000 – £5 per mile – for charities Young Minds and Beyond Food.  If you’re feeling generous, you can donate here (thank you!).